The success of AIKO Sri Lanka is all his effort. Devoted for the development of Budo, Sensei Rajapakshe is one of the few most talented Martial Art instructors in Sri Lanka. His passion for karate started when he was 16 years. As a teenager Sensei Rajapakshe have been through a lot of challenges and practiced the art of Budo himself. After joining AIKO years ago, Sensei Rajapakshe proved that he is someone that never will back down. Under his guidance the Karateka of AIKO Sri Lanka gained many achievements over past few years. Expressing his views Sensei states "I may be a teacher but still I'm in debt for my teachers Shihan Jonkers & Shihan Schilt. Without their guidance and blessings I won't be able to build up a young force which will lead the future of martial arts in Sri Lanka."